About Windsor Photo Outfitters

Windsor Photo Outfitters is situated in Windsor Ontario Canada.  We are purveyors of fine camera equipment and formulations for creative photographers of all types and skills.

Windsor Photo Outfitters started business in 1994 in Windsor as a weekend hobby for the founder John Lachance, soon it was felt a proper store front was needed and soon the store “Turnaround cameras” was born.  As time wore on, and the shop became busier and busier, Adrian Harte was added to do repairs and service on the used cameras John was aquireing, it wasn’t long before Adrian’s talents were harnessed for the customers as well, and onsite repairs were born.

In 2003 Turnaround Camera moved to a larger space and added Trevor Laframboise to the staff.  As Digital photography and new equipment became a bigger and bigger part of the business used cameras receded into a less important role in the store, as a result a name change was made and the current “Windsor Photo Outfitters” was adopted.

In 2008 John decided to hang up his camera and Adrian took the reins from John at that time, Windsor Photo Outfitters still offers the same level of serivce, expertise and has added new services lately to make us a bit more competitive and unique.

We hope you will enjoy viewing our blog and encourage you to come down and see us soon.

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