The new Nikon body cap mystery.

Okay, here’s a mystery for all you Nikon fans out there.

We sold out of our Nikon body caps a few days ago, and realized we had to get a few more in for those people who need replacements or spares.

We were told the BF-1a cap was no longer available. At first there was some confusion, but we were eventually able to discover it had been replaced by the BF-1b. So we got some in. No big deal.

However, conspiracy theory nuts we are, we can’t help wonder why a new version of a body cap.

If you remember, the BF-1a replaced the venerable BF-1 cap back in the 1980s when autofocus came along. Somewhere in your instruction manual there is a warning not to use a BF-1 cap on your camera, or risk crushing those electronic contacts. Other than the markings on the inside of the cap, they look identical.

If your camera was made at Nikon’s Thailand factory, it came with what looks like a BF-1a, but with no markings inside. Those with markings are still made in Japan.

Now, the new BF-1b comes along, and it doesn’t look identical to its predecessor. Maybe we’ll get used to it, but for now the jury is out on its cosmetics.

For the time being, the Thailand cameras still come with the BF-1a lookalike.

But the bigger question is – why the change? Maybe the old tooling wore out. Maybe someone thought the classic 1970s look was dated.

But what if… what if…

What if this new version of the body cap will be standard issue on a new generation of Nikons that will have a slightly different configuration of contacts. It’s hard to tell by just looking at the rear of the cap whether there’s any difference, but then again, you can’t tell the difference between a BF-1 and the BF-1a until you try to put the older one on a new camera.

Below, we have a photo of the new cap, with the older one in the background.

Whaddaya think???

~ by windsorphotooutfitters on April 24, 2010.

One Response to “The new Nikon body cap mystery.”

  1. The new one as “F mount” printed on it. This is to distinguish the F-mount caps from the [redacted] mount caps that Nikon will introduce for it’s mirrorless system.

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