World Pinhole Day Sunday April 25, 2010

The “Spamera” Photo By Chris Keeney

For several years on the last Sunday of April, lens-less camera geeks across the globe open shutter flaps, remove caps, or open the odd shutter, and while watching the second hand on their wristwatch, make lens-less pinhole camera images.  Whether you are using an old coffee can or a super fancy laser cut pinhole diaphragm, you can participate. If you take your images and then scan them they can be uploaded and added to the archives at  The only catch…the image must be made on the day and be made in a lensless camera, a pinhole camera.

Indeed, the camera from the previous post would qualify, as it is a lens less camera, but one does not need to go to the extreme shown there.

Some of the facinating features of a Pinhole camera:

  • you can make a camera out of anything…and when I say anything, I mean it, including body parts, and in one case, an airplane hanger.
  • depth of field and focus…forget them. by their nature Pinhole cameras have infinite depth of field.  In other words an object 1 millimeter and one 1 km will both be in “focus”.  Focus is determined mainly by the size of the opening, bigger hole, fuzzier image, shorter exposure time.  Smaller hole sharper image, longer exposure time.

You have roughly 2 days to find a suitable box, paper, and a way to poke a teeny weenie hole in it and go out and make pictures!

Have some fun, take some pictures, forget lcd’s batteries and program settings.

One of my Pinhole cameras:


~ by windsorphotooutfitters on April 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “World Pinhole Day Sunday April 25, 2010”

  1. Nice camera, looks like a 4 x 5 film holder in there, it must be a very “wide angle” image you get

  2. I love the Spamera; can you use spam filters with it…? I should dig out my old 5×4 DDSs and bring them out of quiet retirement. I usually go for curved film planes in my pin cams, but extreme wide angle on flat film does have a certain appeal.

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