The Wheatley Rain, Snow, Wind, and Wet bum Tour

I laugh at bad weather......


Yes, we laugh at “weather!”  Yes we were insane.  Yes it was cold with water flying sideways at us at times.  Yes we could not, for sometime afterward, feel parts of our bodies that we were sure should still be attached.  And Yes we took Lots of pictures!

Sunday’s Winter Photo Shoot #1 in Wheatley provincial park was a real blast….of cold rainy air.

Adrian, Thierry and I set out from my home in Walkerville at o’dark thirty, and while the rain pelted the windsheild, Adrian quiped:

“What are we doing? are we insane?” to which he added a chuckle.

Thierry and I both chimed in a universal “yes, yes we are”

No amount of free flying water was going to prevent us from taking pictures.  We had little expectations with regards to numbers of people who would show up either at Jacks in Wheatley, or at the park though.  But as we pulled in to Jacks we saw two familiar faces and then five more inside. Ten brave souls.

I was pleasantly surprised by the brave adventurous people that had decided to join us.  Everyone was prepared in their own ways for the weather and we had a wonderful cross section of photography styles and formats.

Below an early shot of our motley crew:

Our Group pauses in the safety of the woods, still mostly dry, before braving the wind and lateral precipitation of the Bluffs

Shortly after this picture, we shot our way to the bluffs and the edge of lake Erie.  We were met by a grey-blue, grey-brown tempest of snow, ice, rain, and slush at the water’s edge.  Several of us ventured down from the bluffs and as near the crashing frozen waves of ice that we dared, hoping for a once in a lifetime picture.  By the end of the day we had tramped several kilometers, were soaked to the bone and exhausted.

I can say that personally it was a very rewarding and exciting event photographicaly, and look forward to February’s shoot at Pelee.  Hopefully some of the participants will share some of their shots with me so that I can post them here.  I have yet to process and scan my shots. Weather should never be a deterrent to hardy souls who wish to capture all of nature’s splendor.

Everyone is welcome to join us for Winter shoot #2:

Winter Shoot #2 Point Pelee Sunday February 21, Snow, Rain, Sun or Cloud.

More details coming soon.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and put their mettle to the test on this shoot.  I raise my glass of hot chocolate to you.

To everyone else that stayed in warm beds, under duvets and comforters, you missed a golden opportunity, see you in February.


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