Are you Brave enough to bring your camera out into the rain?

After getting a few emails and phone calls concerning this weekend’s photo shoot I wanted to fill everyone in.

Environment Canada is calling for 80% of continuing rain on Sunday with temperatures in +8C range. 10-15mm accum

So as a result, the winter photo shoot is becoming a monsoon shoot.  🙂  Given how precious some people are about their cameras we will totally understand if there are many of you that wish to bow out.  Adrian and I along with a regular, Thierry Martin, have resolved to not wimp out on a bit of moisture.   You are all welcome to join us.  We will have some camera rain gear available to anyone who wants it, but suggest that if you do wish to come, to dress accordingly with rain gear and waterproof boots.  Expect mud and cold rain.  We will shoot as long as weatherproofing of clothes and constitution allows.

We are of course, not responsible for any damage that occurs to your equipment if you fail to protect it properly. Take all proper precautions.

If you know someone who is coming please let them know about this slight change in plans as I’m sure not everyone who is interested has emailed me yet.

For all the intrepid souls that will join us, See you @ Jacks and the entrance to the park Sunday Morning. 8:15-8:45 @ Jacks Coffee shop in Wheatley or 8:45-9:00am at the parking lot to the park. For everyone that wants to bow out, we completely understand, we will have another shoot @ Pelee in Feb, details on the blog and Newsletter coming soon.


~ by windsorphotooutfitters on January 22, 2010.

One Response to “Wheatley Photo Shoot: UPDATE VERY IMPORTANT”

  1. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

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