Adrian saves a Sony

Ever wonder what Adrian has to deal with on the bench?  Here is a sample. A customer brings in a little Sony Point and shoot digital camera.  The shutter button has fallen out.

“Can’t you just glue it back in, maybe?” asks the customer

“Not likely,” says Adrian.

The problem is that the shutter release button is a button just like you would expect, a small disk of plastic.  On the bottom of which would normally reside a post with a groove about half way up its shank.  The groove holds a small spring which attaches from the inside of the camera to keep the button from falling out.

In this case the post had snapped (about the thickness of heavy duty mechanical pencil lead, or a paper clip wire.)  The retaining spring was left behind inside the camera.

Yes a replacement part on its own would be inexpensive, but Adrian was able to use some insanely small drill bits and wire to fashion a better than replacement quality, replacement part.  Stronger than anything you could get from the manufacturer.

The picture below is the camera as it looked before he started the reassembly of the shutter button. It seems in this case the shutter button was nearly the first part installed.

starting point for a shutter button repair, the offending part is in the foreground, next to the blue rubber band.

So next time you have a repair in with us remember that for $30-50 repairs (for a “simple” job like this), you are getting Adrian’s undivided attention to detail and making it better than good.




~ by windsorphotooutfitters on December 3, 2009.

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