A visit from our Pentax rep

Brian Hultay prays the Pentax literature is correct.

Recently we received a visit from our Pentax rep who as usual had some interesting things to show us.  As a rep Brian Hultay is, how can I say this in a concilitory tone, “rabid”  He loves Pentax, and is not afraid to tell anyone who will listen how cool Pentax cameras are.  We often envision Brian sleeping with the Pentax sales manuals on his bedside, muttering Pentaxism’s in his sleep.

That said, we are very happy, because on his recent visit, he showed us a wonder none of the other reps have been brave enough to try in our pressence.  After going over the extensive feature list of the Beautiful Pentax K7 camera, he asked us:

“do you have a tray and some water?”

Pentax K7 takes a bath with extra sturdy weather seals!

As you can see, we were a bit surprised when he started pouring water all over an expensive digital camera.  But it was to show a very interesting but oft overlooked feature in high end cameras, the weather / dust proofing.  After the episode pictured here we shot some pictures with the camera changed lenses etc and it was none the worse for wear.  Nikon and Canon both claim to have “Weather” seals but none have done this very graphic and impressive demonstration as far as we know.  It just goes to show that Pentax is being extra aggressive and pushing the limits on cameras and technologies.

Have a great weekend!  I’m going to go shoot some F.I.L.M. in Tilbury tomorrow with Thierry


~ by windsorphotooutfitters on November 21, 2009.

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